Monday, September 2, 2013

An Ambitious Start

An Ambitious Start
Today, the plan was born.
Richard D'Albert.
Chris Bhalai.
Two men. Infinite ability.

Our Duties/Goals:
       Chris and I were honored today when we were named the executive managers of the SK2 project this year. I feel like being paired with such a knowledgeable engineer and businessman has definitely put me at an advantage in my pursuit to learn the gears of the process. My position will easily allow me to gather a well rounded understanding of what goes into actually designing and building solar car technology. When checking on the progress of each other group, I will inquire on what is going on, how, and why, to be sure that a holistic grasp on engineering is solidified. 

Our Short Term 
   This week, in the absence of Chris, my goal is not only to learn more about the classmates I'll be working with (and their special abilities, from which I can learn a thing or two), but also to establish a draft list of checkpoints and rough deadlines. Though the list won't be ready until it has been deeply scrutinized and agreed upon, the first draft will be a good starting point. Each duo of pupils will have their own deadline checklist, including me and Chris, and there may even be a single checklist for the whole of the class to keep track of as well (depending on whether or not Mr. Martin deems it necessary). 

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